Below are the rules of the running of Parliament. Edits to this must be made by the Presidentti, or someone operating with the Presidentti's executive permission, and no other.

Beginning of a sessionEdit

Every session must begin with the playing of the national anthem, all members of parliament who are able must stand and salute to the anthem. Every session must begin with an attendance of the Presidentti, Speaker of the Parliament and the Pääministeri, or a suitable representative or deputy.

The Speaker of the Parliament, or the Presidentti (If Speaker is not available) must outline the agenda in order prior to the beginning)

Preceeding of a meetingEdit

Meetings must work through the agenda in the order which was outlined by the Speaker. Each item must be agreed upon by a vote, or may be dismissed with the approval of the Presidentti, Pääministeri, and Speaker.

To make a point in a meeting regarding what is currently in order, the MP must stand on their desk, still and silent, awaiting the Speaker to invite them to speak. Each item may only have a total of 5 points stated per MP. While seated, or waiting to be invited to speak MPs must be silent and still, unless asking for permission to leave.

To request to leave (or any other notification for the Speaker), an MP must go by the following script:

"Mr. Speaker" Await response "May I be excused to (Leave)" Await response "Thank you" Action requested should be performed immediately, without delay.

No movement is acceptable from MPs during a meeting without request, other than standing to make a point or walking to somewhere more appropriate than their desk to make the point (For example, in front of the Speaker's podium)


The agenda may be edited by the Speaker with Presidential and/or Prime Ministerial approval no later than 10 minutes before the meeting. Items may be added by any minister, again no later than 10 minutes before the meeting, if after this time, an item will continue over to the next meeting.

Closing of a meetingEdit

A meeting closes simply with a dismissal by the Speaker.